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rFactor Painter Profile: fastezza

hi im new to this so any pointers will be appreciated. Feel free to contact me via email or through msn about any skin designs or helmet idea you have. Please leave me feedback on how the skins look in game for you thanks. If you would like a custom skin made for you (most mods) then contact on my email address with your ideas and pics sponsors of what you want on the cars.

OK to contact for custom skins: Yes
Type of Work: Free Skins
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Skins by fastezza (Total Downloads: 631)
Streetglow by fastezza
Car: BMW M3E92 GTR
Team: Streetglow
Downloads: 43
Acustom skin with Jules Bianchi support on it. Hope you like it. Just extract file into BMW M3E92 GTR folder. Any problems pm me.
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Mclaren Honda by fastezza
Car: F1 2007 MMG
Team: Mclaren Honda
Downloads: 94
My custom Honda skin for the 2007 Mclaren 1 car, enjoy. Just overwrite the original file
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Radical Mclaren by fastezza
Car: 1991 F1 League Edition v1.0 FULL
Team: Radical Mclaren
Downloads: 37
Heres my liveries and helmets for the Senna Mclaren 1991 hope you enjoy them have fun.
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Sega/Sonic SC1 by fastezza
Car: Renault Super Clio
Team: Sega/Sonic SC1
Downloads: 77
Any retro lovers out there? Here's a Sega Sonic Skin. Hope you enjoy.
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LUFC Racing by fastezza
Car: Renault Super Clio
Team: LUFC Racing
Downloads: 33
Heres one for all you Leeds Utd fans out there. Enjoy it MOT.
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Nightmare  by fastezza
Car: Renault Super Clio
Team: Nightmare
Downloads: 32
Yet another custom skin i thought up for the Clio. Hope you like and please leave feedback, thanks all for downloading my work.
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Reeper Racing by fastezza
Car: Renault Super Clio
Team: Reeper Racing
Downloads: 42
Reeper racing, a custom skin i made just for fun use enjoy it. And yes i know reeper is spelt wrongly lol
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TeleMovi Racing by fastezza
Car: Renault Super Clio
Team: TeleMovi Racing
Downloads: 54
A telefonica movistar skin for anyones use, hope you enjoy. Any problems contact me here. To put in game just overwrite original files.
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Phillipino SC1 by fastezza
Car: Renault Super Clio
Team: Phillipino SC1
Downloads: 26
A skin for all you phillipinne racers out there sporting your national flag. Enjoy this unique skin and leave feedback or message me here if theres any problems.
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Denso Vodafone by fastezza
Car: Renault Super Clio
Team: Denso Vodafone
Downloads: 42
a custom livery i made that wasnt used so hopefully you'll get to use it in your races, enjoy
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Kinsford Racing by fastezza
Car: Renault Super Clio
Team: Kinsford Racing
Downloads: 54
a skin my team mate and i use in our league, hope you like it
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Stanford racing by fastezza
Car: F1 1999 WCP
Team: Stanford racing
Downloads: 80
My own team livery for 1999 Jordan 7 car, enjoy it. Any problems contact me here.
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