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RACE@RFC presents the Race.Me CLASS10X, a new race format where drivers of all skill levels can win cash prizes!

200 Drivers, 10 Classes, 10 Winners, $1000US Prize Pool - Don't Miss Out!
The Race.Me CLASS10X is limited to a maximum of 200 drivers grouped into 10 classes based on race times. At the conclusion of the CLASS10X the winner of each class receives $100US, giving each player a great chance to drive away with the cash! Each driver also receives a CLASS10X event badge to be displayed in their driver profiles, RFC forum posts and user profile.

A Race of Skill and Strategy
Week 1: Entries Open. Stake your place on the event leaderboard. See how the classes shake out relative to your pace.
Week 2: Entries Closed. Battle to maintain or improve your class position, class grading and overall result.

Entry Cost: $1 per player
Prize Pool: 10 x $100US
Race Format: 5 x 7 Lap Races, Fixed Setup, WTCC BMW E90
Entries Close: Saturday 24th January (or earlier if maximum of 200 players is reached)
Event Ends: Sunday 1st February

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