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World Championships - Getting Started
How do I join? Easy! Just enter the rFactor player name you use when you race online and nationality in your RFC Profile. Then join any race running on RACE@RFC. The rest it automagic!
rFactorCentral's World Championships are ongoing race events that are open to everyone in the rFactor community. They are part challenge - part rank - part traditional championship.

World Championships Overview
Each World Championship is made up of a 5 challenges which are based around a single car, a single track, or a combination of multiple cars and tracks. Community Race Preferences along with voting are used to determine race format, supported aids, server settings and influence cars and track selections.

World Championships run 24/7 on the RACE@RFC server in 2 week cycles - refer to the Event Calendar for further information.

Joining races is easy! Click on the 'Join Server' links on the main RACE@RFC page, or look for the 'RACE@RFACTORCENTRAL' listing rFactor's list of current games (sometimes it's a little buggy and may need a refresh or re-sort) . If you're not sure how to join rFactor races refer to the FAQs.

The open, ongoing and automated nature of RFC's World Championships means that:

  • Apart from playing rFactor there are no additional entry requirements, licenses etc
  • You can race online at any time or day that suits you
  • You can re-run championship races as often as you like
Had a bad race? Your championship isn't over! You can race and re-race as often as you like to try and improved your Leaderboard ranking in each championship.

World Championship Leaderboard & Rank - It's about total race time!
Each driver's best race times in championship events are combined on the leaderboard, resulting in a total time and rank for each championship.

As you finish races on RACE@RFC the server automatically checks and totals your best times for each challenge and applies it to the Leaderboard at regular intervals throughout the day. Live hotlaps and best race times are recorded for each race within a championship are also available, as are detailed race logs.

Challenge yourself to improve your race times, hotlaps and World Championship ranking. Race your friends, other rFactor players and other nations in the Championship Leaderboards. It's up to you how you participate, race to race. Because each championship runs 24/7 for two weeks there is ample time to improve!

Penalties & Wreckers
RACE@RFC has ZERO tolerance of people ruining the online race experience of others. This includes but is not limited to wrecking, abuse (via text and driving) and track cutting. Penalties include:

  • Exclusion of your race data within one or all RFC World Championships
  • Loss of access to the race server
  • Loss of access to rFactorCentral
  • Public blacklisting as a wrecker

All drivers regardless of ability have an equal right to use RACE@RFC servers and enjoy their racing.

Please report any problems on the server to RACE@RFC including driver name, car and track and where possible replay file. Most screw ups on the track can be resolved by a simple apology.

Where lap or race times have been reported as suspect you may need to supply a replay file. Your race data may be removed while disputes are being resolved.

Thanks for Racing!

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