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rFactorCentral Client Frequently Asked Questions

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For Racers
Q: Why did rFactorCentral (RFC) create a new client? What's the benefit of the RFC client?

A: Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the experience of sim racing. The new rFactorCentral client makes it easier and faster to download the cars and tracks for rFactor. The client is designed to:
  • Allow racers to download cars and tracks without worrying about file structure and installation errors
  • Create a single, reliable, virus-free environment for finding and downloading car and track mods
  • Make it extremely fast to download the cars and tracks so you can race faster
Q: How does it work?

A: It is free to download the client. It is also free to download cars and track packages for Race@RFC.

The rFactorCentral client intelligently "unpacks" the cars and tracks you want into the proper directories to run on rFactor. The client is connected to our high speed content delivery network (CDN) to give you the fastest download and installation experience possible.
Q: Does it cost money?

A: We provide three free trial car and track mod downloads to try the client out. If you like the service, you can access more downloads by becoming a Pro rFactorCentral member. The Pro membership supports our engineering, QA, and infrastructure for the client and web site.
Q: Do I have to use the client to download mods from rFactorCentral?

A: The rFactorCentral client is a completely optional service of RFC. Cars and tracks are still available directly from community members links and through their preferred download sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. (Please note, these are third party services that we do not support or QA.)
Q: Does the 1-Click client affect my mod at all?

A: The rFactorCentral client does not affect the mod. The client is designed to leave the mod completely independent; the rFactorCentral client manages how the mod is downloaded and installed used by rFactor. By automating the ""unpacking" of the mod files, we can make the experience faster and reduce common errors.
Q: Will this eliminate MAS errors?

A: Yes. While we cannot guarantee we've eliminated all MAS errors, one advantage of the client is a clean, tested installation process. If you have MAS errors, please let us know and we'll investigate the issue.
For Modders
Q: Does the 1-Click client change my mod?

A: No. The RFC client focuses on the last mile of your mod so more people can race and have fun with your mods. The RFC client is software that packs and then intelligently "unpacks" your mod on a racer's computer. Your mod is not changed, just the delivery to the racer's computer.
Q: How is this better than MegaUpload and RapidShare?

A: We think the 1-Click client is better for a number of reasons:
  • The RFC client allows racers to have one service for high speed downloads
  • The RFC download speed is far superior to these services
  • The RFC client eliminates "user error" problems that are common occurrences with new mod installations and new rFactor users
  • The RFC client does quality assurance and virus checks on the installation process
Our goal is provide a better experience and service to the existing download methods. The RFC client is an additional method to the current community downloads available.
Q: Is there support for the rFactorCentral client?

A: Yes, we have technical support for customers. We also will provide multiple releases to make enhancements to the client.
(View change log.)
Q: How do you check for copyright permissions?

A: We are not in a position to verify if modders have copyright permissions nor whether copyright owners do or do not object to modders using them. However, if we receive a notice of copyright infringement from a registered IP owner, we will remove the offending work. Since owning this site, we have not received any requests.
Q: I have more questions. Who can I contact?

A: Your feedback is welcome and will help us make the client even better. Contact us at support@rfactorcentral.com or in the support forum.

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