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Instructions on how to install the rFactorCentral Client

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Download and run the rFactorCentral Client Setup

A window will open asking what you want to do with a file called rFCClientSetup.zip. Click 'Save File' and "OK".
Extract the .exe and follow the Setup Wizard

Please run the program after yuou have completed downloading the CLIENT.

Please accept the licensing agreement and Click Next.

Now pick your rFactor client directory. The default is set to C:\Program Files\RfcClient. Click Next

Now pick the folder where rFactor is installed. The default is set to C:\Program Files\rfactor. Click Next.

Enter your rFactorCentral username and password into the fields. Click Install. The installer will then install Microsoft Visual C++ onto your computer. Click Yes.

You have successfully installed the rFactorCentral Client.

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