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Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 17-Aug-14
Current release: 2, on 17-Aug-14

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: JCRR or JCRX
Screenie by: JCRR or JCRX

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LE MONT DORE 2012 V.1.0 for rFactor by JCRR

Warning: To avoid flickering, you need to set up your graphics settings. I managed to have an excellent result by changing the default settings in the ATI Catalyst Center.
Here are my settings in the Video Games tab:

Anti-Aliasing mode: Override application settings
Anti-Aliasing Samples: 8x
Filter: Standard
Anti-Aliasing method: Oversampling
Morphological filtering: Off
Anisotropic filtering mode: Override application settings
Anisotropic filtering level: 16x
Texture Quality Filtering: Standard
Surface Format Optimization: Off

Wait for Vertical Refresh: Off
OpenGL Triple Buffering is Off

Tessellation Mode: AMD Optimized
Maximul Tessellation Levels: AMD Optimized


Length: 5.075 km
Elevation: 381 m (average elevation : 7.5 %)
Best time: Simone Faggioli - 2'14"610 in 2011 (Osella prototype)

Here is a new version of the famous french hillclimb event Le Mont Dore/Chambon sur Lac
(French and European Hill Climb Championship).
Install : Put the folder "Hillclimb" in the Locations folder

This was entirely made from scratch (surroundings and vehicles) with real photographs shot on location. Some cars come from a Xpack found on Racedepartment.

To run a timed climb, go to Open Practice mode or Qualifying mode.
Drive through the competitors parking lot at a reduced speed then stop before the starting line.
The timer will start automatically when crossing the line.

The time chosen race is 15 H.
I have not developed other serious departure times with different shadows. That will come later .

Warning: For some reasons related to the way I work (and my shortcomings), I still don't get results as good as I want with shadows.
You can test with or without shadows in the video settings of GT Legends, according to your preferences.

The track supports up to 45 AI competitors in Open Practice mode and 46 competitors online

If you want to learn more about this wonderful event who has taken place from 1961, visit:

You can find the topic about the creation of my different tracks at RacingFR (in french):

Thanks to:
- friends, supporters and testers at RacingFR forum.
- *miko* for the loading screen.
- RacingFR for hosting my tracks
- the creators of xpacks :
14000- vegetation
Great Britain RBR
PLPTextures Pack
RALLY Road Element
rural Australia
sms pack
US cars

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Thank you! We (San Diego Car Detailing) have enjoyed the track. - Mike from Car Detail San Diego
morso on Oct-01-2020

Merci beaucoup ... !
faggioli on Aug-22-2014

iam for test track in later god job for works
FASTEX on Aug-18-2014

Excellent, the layout is a lot of fun. Quality as always from JCRR.
Cheeveer on Aug-18-2014

very well made track, thanks.
erhard on Aug-18-2014

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