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Mini World of Outlaws Beta 0.95

By: dingdingbraa and 2 Guys Drafting
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Initial release: 23-Oct-11
Current release: 0.950, on 23-Oct-11

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Current Beta Testers:
Ryan McGuire
Logan Seavey
Dalton Dietrich
Joe Stornetta
Gary McGuire
Wyatt Wolfe Jr.
Kyle Larson

Mini World of Outlaws - Dirt Oval Sprint Karts

Based on the QRC Mini World of Outlaws Open Class kart.

QRC main headquarters is located in Red Bluff, CA (USA).

"The QRC caged kart concept began in the early 1980’s and was based solely on the need to go oval kart racing in the safest possible manner. As the first manufacturer to mount cages on karts some things were improved upon by trial and error. What started out as a rigid cage bolted directly to the lower frame soon changed to what is now called the floating cage. Movable receivers were added to the frame allowing the cage to rest on springs thereby freeing up the kart to flex. Wings were added to the cages right from the start as an additional safety measure and to protect the cage area in the event of a flip. Wings feature the same curved belly design as used in sprint car racing. All of the karts now come equipped with rear axel adjusters that can lengthen or shorten the wheelbase. By sliding the bearing carriers front or back Open karts become adjustable from 40”-43”. This allows for quick setup changes while going from longer or shorter tracks and makes these karts adaptable to many surfaces and track conditions.

For the first couple of years a 2-stroke 250cc became the maximum engine displacement of the outlaw kart. But by 1987 the engine in the top class had been opened up to be unlimited in size as long as it was a motorcycle engine. The Honda 500cc 2-stroke became the engine of choice and still is today. Along with that came an engine that put out 85-100 horsepower on a 265 pound race kart. As a comparison, a Nextel Cup Car generates about 800 horsepower on a 3200 pound race car. As you can see, an Open Outlaw kart nearly doubles that in horsepower-to-weight ratio and is in all respects a real race car."

Article in-part by Mike Larson. To read the full article, please visit:

Paintable objects: bead locks, frame, cage, skid plate, air cleaner cover, gas tank lid, radiator lid, wing support brackets and of course paint scheme (body and wing) driver, and helmet.

Setup Adjustments: steering lock, fuel load, carb jet size (in %), final gear ratio (gears 1-5 not adjustable), brake bias, brake pressure, stagger, right rear spaceing, wing angle, front camber (-2 to 2 degrees max), and tire pressures.

After initial release, will start to work on other classes (box stock, and intermediate) as well as various upgrade options (bead plates, different chassis like the QRC downtube chassis, RFC & SGC chassis, engine choices, etc.). Some other various models will be updated as well.


Models: dingdingbraa exceptions: driver and helmet used from ISI's rFactor Hammer mod, tires from Bill @ BoZ (with permission, thanks Bill) and Major C from KDSR for the rear tail (with permission, thanks Major C). Pace car (quad) from some free 3d model site (I forgot where, but if I remember, I will post credit where it's due). Pace quad driver from BoZ pace truck.

Textures: dingdingbraa (some nuts and bolts from BoZ and other various mods)

Templates: dingdingbraa (updated by Joe Stornetta)

UI Config: modified from BoZ Sprint Cars 2010 (with permission)

Physics: modified from BoZ Sprint Cars 2010 (with permission), but they turned out very different.

Beta Release skins: Gary McGuire, Ryan McGuire, Dave Albitz (Keystone Krew), Brian Bowling (Monster Army), and converted BoZ sprint car skins (not painted by me).

Completion Percentage:

Models: 100%

Textures: 100%

Templates: 100%

UI Config: 100%

Physics: 100% (Beta Release Physics)

This is my first attempt at modding so be patient, I want to drive these things as much or more than you do!!

Thanks, Dingdingbraa





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king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-12-2018

chenjinbei on Aug-10-2018 Michael Kors Handbags Outlet Michael Kors Outlet Online Michael Kors Bags Outlet
cherityguos123 on Jul-27-2018

This is sweet!!! I'm actually a house driver for Ron Osborne and RFC karts! This would be even cool if I could be added. My email is: racer29w@gmail. com, or Thanks. -Brenden Waterman #29w
brendenwaterman on Apr-19-2015

why does these cars hover over the ground online? doesn't how do I fix this?
justinross16 on Mar-15-2014

how can iget the mod to work because i try 3 times and it did't work this ?
joker69069 on Feb-10-2013

Hey Dirtshark, I will be revisiting the mod here in the new future, including a couple new tracks (updated Red Bluff Indoor and Cycleland Speedway), a new physics upgrade, and working AI's. As soon as we're finished with the 600cc Micro Sprints mod, I'll jump on getting this mod updated.
dingdingbraa on Aug-14-2012

any chance the aiw will be worked so you can race them offline,,, great mod a blast to run.
Dirtshark on Mar-10-2012

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