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SPR USAC National Midgets 2

By: 2 Guys Drafting and Gary McGuire
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Initial release: 17-Jun-12
Current release: 2, on 17-Jun-12

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Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa
Screenie by: dingdingbraa

Description (Click to toggle Visibility) in partnership with United States Auto Club (USAC) is proud to bring you the most realistic, most up-to-date, accurate portrayal of the elegant form that is USAC Midget racing.

All models are scratch built using technical specifications sheets from the manufacturer. Included will be both dirt and asphalt midget chassis from the most popular chassis builders on the market.

USAC and SimProRacing have retained a California based drafting company to provide the most accurate models possible.

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Car Skins

There are currently no car skins available for SPR USAC National Midgets. If you are a painter you can share skins for this mod via the Car Skins area. Visit the Spray Booth for painting tips & tricks.

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king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-12-2018

chenjinbei on Aug-10-2018 Michael Kors Handbags Outlet Michael Kors Outlet Online Michael Kors Bags Outlet
cherityguos123 on Jul-27-2018

That is great news dingdingbraa! Appreciate all your work on this. ken
kslater on Dec-22-2012

Yes you can submit your skins to to have them included in the new update (keep the veh files the same as the USAC mod, and we will switch them over to POWRi for you). As for the update, we are on track for a Jan. 1st release date with working AI for both dirt and pavement cars. Please have any skins in by the at least Dec 30th for them to be included.
dingdingbraa on Dec-22-2012

Is it possible to have skins included in your next update? I have a large collection of references photos to make real midget skins from the last 25 years, or so.
nebraskadirt on Dec-20-2012

Me too1 I would really enjoy being able to race this great mod offline. ken
kslater on Dec-17-2012

The video posted with the AI racing looks really good. I hope this is released soon with working AI.
nebraskadirt on Dec-17-2012

Where can i go to get the AI Update for these This mod would be sick if I had them.
Tuli27 on Oct-10-2012

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