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diRtFactor 1.00

By: Speed Sports Software
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Initial release: 10-Nov-07
Current release: 1.000, on 10-Nov-07

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Screenie by: Biscuit05
Screenie by: Biscuit05
Screenie by: Biscuit05
Screenie by: Biscuit05
Screenie by: EdTallant
Screenie by: EdTallant
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Screenie by: kenneth17kbpr
Screenie by: kenneth17kbpr
Screenie by: kenneth17kbpr

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diRtFactor--Late Models by Speed Sports Software (formerly DWR Development Team)

Welcome race fans who like the taste of clay in their teeth, who like to blow mud out of their noses!! If you are missing that "factor" in your life, then you need diRtFactor Late Models!! One of the few dirt racing mods for rFactor that has taken nearly a year to develop, and believe me it was not due to lack of work. Every detail has been gone over, then over again to bring you the NEXT Generation in Sim Racing. Our goal is to blur that line between real and sim racing.

It is a fine line to walk in this genre of racing. Too easy and you lose players, too hard same outcome. With the final release we were shooting to appease as many driving styles as possible. We know that no matter what you do, someone will find something negative to say. We wont make everyone happy all the time, but our goal is to make the masses happy as much of the time as possible.

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how do i play?????????????
Mod423 on Sep-04-2014

How do you play
outlawracing on Sep-02-2014

Do you gotta do pro an pay to play
outlawracing on Sep-02-2014

How come everyone is getting errors with sounds, textures, etc, when I have no problem at the mod? lol!
RenegadeRacer on Feb-25-2014

I just downloaded the mod and I am getting no sound from the engine
indycarfan10 on Jun-20-2013

A better dirt late model mod by most of the same people is the Dirt Works Designs Late Model 2011. You can find it here at rfc or in the downloads at To run the old dirtfactor mod you might try running rfactor as an administrator if your operating system is windows 7 or vista..
kslater on Apr-11-2013

Ive downloaded this and installed it and cant get into the program after its all done it keeps telling me to find a way to fix a problem any suggestions
bump22fan on Apr-10-2013

guys i really need help with this gme dont no anything cant download it dont have no cars or nothing help
Dustin33 on Oct-30-2012

Dirtfactor has not been replaced by DWD. It has been redone. Dirtfactor is still alive and well.
Rambone on Oct-09-2011

Dirtfactor has been replaced by DWD Late Models 2011. You can download it here at rfc. It comes with an installer but I recommend you click on the browse button and work through the menu to where you have rfactor installed on your computer to be sure you get it installed properly. The team that made the original dirtfactor are the same people who have made DWD Late Model 2011 and it is greatly improved. The DWD team also has a modified mod and will release soon an update to their street stock mod. ken
kslater on Sep-16-2011

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