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DTM superstar league
Game Title: rFactor
Region: Africa
Founded in: 2007
Skill Levels: Beginner
Advanced -- Yes
Race Frequency: Monthly
Race Time Zone: GMT +1
Server Availability: 24/7
Cost: Free
Web site:
League Description: LEAGUE FOR REAL SIM RACING FREAKS !!! *requires a certain level in DTM sim racing. *no traction control, no abs,and no automatic gear change. *requires a steering wheel. *begins when 18 players are regestered at least. it's free and it's one event per month,so it won't take a lot of your time so what the hell just contact my email adress and fill the informations bellow:

*name *age *country *job *average of f1 practice hours per month.

*you'll be tested on your first race if your quick enough you'll be one of the participants in this championship. (sorry for my bad english if there is some grammar errors)

Cars Raced Tracks Raced
  - DTM 2007
  - Spa Francorchamp
DTM superstar league