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SARL (South African Racing League)
Game Title: rFactor
Region: Africa
Founded in: 2003
Skill Levels: Beginner -- Yes
Intermediate -- Yes
Advanced -- Yes
Race Frequency: Weekly
Race Time Zone: GMT +2
Server Availability: 24/7
Cost: Free
Web site:
League Description: The South African Racing League was founded in 2003 as one of the first online sim-racing leagues in the country and managed to establish itself as a highly successful organisation in the online sim-racing community.

Hard work, dedication and a passion for online sim-racing are the driving forces behind SARL's voyage through calm waters and rough seas.

SARL prides itself on providing a highly competitive, yet fun racing experience backed by an an excellent local community renowned for it's helpful and mature attitude.

Cars Raced Tracks Raced
  - BMW 320 E21
  - Grand Prix 1979
  - Panoz ALMS GT2
  - PCC 2007
  - V8Factor
  - Zonda
  - Not yet provided
SARL (South African Racing League)