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Sim Racing South Africa
Game Title: rFactor
Region: Africa
Founded in: 2007
Skill Levels: Beginner
Intermediate -- Yes
Advanced -- Yes
Race Frequency: Monthly
Race Time Zone: GMT +2
Server Availability: Weekly
Cost: Free
Web site:
League Description: Welcome to Sim Racing South Africa. As a brand new sim racing league, we are starting very small and planning to use RFactor as our sim of choice and the MMG 2007 Server Edition Mod for the actual F1 League. The rules so far are:

1. Low Traction Control and Low ABS. 2. Short Race distances of maybe 20% to prevent boredom.

The aim of this league is to cater mainly for South African Sim Racers. This is due to the Time Zone issue we experience when racing in other leagues. However, everyone is still welcome!

Cars Raced Tracks Raced
  - F1 2007 MMG
  - Not yet provided
Sim Racing South Africa